Frequent Flyer: Meet Gabrielle Assaf


Name: Gabrielle Assaf

Location: Vancouver Island, Canada

100mL: What skincare and wellness products do you always bring when you travel?

GA: I try to keep my travel products simple and only bring my holy grail products. I find that keeping my skincare the same while traveling is best for my skin. So I try to stick with what I use regularly in my routine at home — skincare products that will keep my skin hydrated. Like a restorative facial mist, a hydrating facial oil, a cleansing balm and either a couple sheet masks or deeply replenishing face mask.   For wellness, I always bring my Moon Juice SuperYou and SuperBeauty supplements. I also swear by their Magnesi-Om and bring their Sleepy Mag because it comes in little individual packets that are perfect for travel. Also can’t forget my Seed probiotic — especially when traveling for optimal digestion and health! Oh and my Salty Face Tanning Drops are a must when traveling — especially to beachy destinations.

100mL: What are your favorite skincare and wellness brands?

GA: My favourite brands are always clean beauty! Some faves are Lesse, Aesop, OSEA, True Botanicals, Nourish Beauty, Moon Juice.

100mL: What is your plane routine?

GA: I make sure I’m bringing products in my carry on that are going to encourage hydration because the airplane / airports can be quite drying. I never wear makeup on flights to avoid irritation, extra dryness and even breakouts.   I try to rest as much as possible and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Then I like to use a face mist and put on a sheet mask that will make my skin plump and energized. Followed by a lightweight serum (hyaluronic is nice on the plane!) and lastly a quick absorbing facial oil and a few spritz of a mist to lock it all in.  Lip balm is also a must for me because my lips tend to feel extra dry when flying.   Then I like to either watch an episode of a show, read my book or get some work done on my computer if needed. If I’m trying to get some shut eye, an eye mask and neck pillow is key.

100mL: What is your favorite destination?

GA: Such a hard choice! I love a good beachy holiday in Mexico or the Caribbean but I also love big city trips and SF + California hold a special place in my heart. I’m a big foodie, so places where I can find my favourite things to eat and drink are top of my list too. Italy, New York, Boston are also some of my fave places to be.

100mL: What are your travel plans for 2024?

GA: Lots of roadtrips planned for this year! Can’t wait to share more on my socials so stay tuned. I love flying to new destinations but I’m really looking forward to exploring more of this beautiful planet through open roads.

100mL: Whats your number 1 travel tip?

GA: Hydrate!! It’s easy to get dehydrated when travelling. Make sure to bring a reusable water bottle with you and electrolytes are also great to replenish your body — I love the one from Moon Juice.

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