Meet The Founder: Nadya Okamoto

Welcome to 100mL's founder series, Meet The Founder. This is where we will introduce the founders of the brands we work with here at 100mL. 

Kicking off our first Meet The Founder, we are highlighting the brands and founders in our newly released curated pouch, The Wingwoman. 

Without further adieu please meet Nadya Okamoto, Co-Founder of August - A period brand for anyone who menstrates, and are known for their 100% organic cotton pads and tampons.  

Let's meet Nadya. 

Name:  Nadya Okamoto

Position: Co-Founder

Company: August 

Location: New York City

100mL:  What inspired you to start your business?

NO: I was inspired to start August after spending years in the period advocacy space trying to push for more sustainable, accessible, and impactful period care. I got fed up trying to push from "within" the industry as a consultant/activist, and also felt that after publishing my book "period power" had enough credibility to actually venture out and start a brand.

100mL:  Which female figure in your life has inspired you?

NO: 100% my mom - badass single mom!

100mL:  What does being a female founder mean to you?

NO:  Community - I think so much of why I'm still standing and not burnt out from my last 10 years as a founder through various startup ventures, has been the solidarity I've felt amongst other female founders who are trying to build something they care deeply about, in spaces that weren't meant for us.

100mL: What has been a high and a low in your career?

NO: High - launching August in Target stores around the country

Low - burning out in 2020 when I was just starting August...

100mL:  What is the one trait you think as a female founder needs to have?

NO:  Grit - it's tough out here

100mL: What is your favorite product from your brand?

NO: August long night pads for my heavy days.

100mL: Where is your favorite destination?

NO: couch. Or Paris...Thailand? Ahh so many beautiful places.

100mL:  What is you one piece advice to the younger generations of women?



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