100mL Destinations: New York City

Welcome to the first 100mL Destinations, our version of a city guide. Here we will be sharing our preferred places and neighborhoods in some of our favorites cities around the world. Let's arrive to our first destination, New York City! 

CEO & Founder's, Kate Cervini, home base was in the Lower East Side for 10 years so who better to tell you where to go, what to see, and what to eat. She’s here to provide her top must-see NYC spots whether you are a first time or frequent visitor.

New York City stands as a testament to the amalgamation of cultures, lifestyles, and histories. This sprawling metropolis is not just a city; it's a mosaic of neighborhoods, each with its unique flavor, character, and charm. As you traverse its streets, you'll find yourself wandering through a kaleidoscope of experiences, from the iconic skyscrapers of Manhattan to the tree-lined avenues of Brooklyn, and the historic enclaves of Queens to the cultural hubs of the Bronx and Staten Island. New York City's neighborhoods are more than just geographical divisions; they are living, breathing entities, each telling a story of the people who have called them home for generations. Join us on a journey through this extraordinary cityscape, where every corner turned reveals a new chapter in the ever-evolving tale of New York City.

Neighborhoods: Lower East Side, Brooklyn Heights, Greenwich village

HOTEL - The Wythe Hotel

The Wythe Hotel is our home away from home. Relax after a long day of exploring the city on the rooftop and get the BEST view of the city. 100mL has partnered with them for their end of summer package, book now and get an exclusive curated 100mL pouch and a private shopping experience at Glossier. Click HERE to reserve your room. 

SPA - The Well

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and book yourself a massage, facial, or even recover with one of their recover IV drips. The Well is your safe haven to relax and recharge.

CAFE - Aime Leon Dore Cafe

Need a pick me up after walking around all morning? Head to Aime Leon Dore Cafe on Mulberry St. No only is it one of the "coolest" places to be, but also, it has one of the best / their famous coffee drink, Freddo Cappuccino. Then pop over to their store next door. 

Other coffee shops that are worth the a wander to: Blank Street, Maman Bakery (pick up a cookie while you're there). 


BRUNCH - Jack's Wife Freda 

This buzzy spot is the best for people watching while you enjoy their Green Shakshuka or burger. This American - Mediterranean bistro is a guarantee good brunch to start the day. 

RESTAURANT - Fish Cheeks

One of Kate's favorite cuisines is Thai, so when it comes to eating dinner in New York she heads to her favorite spots, Fish Cheeks - an authentic thai seafood and family style restaurant. You won't find a pad thai on the menu, but not to worry you tastebuds will be in overdrive while you indulge in the steamed fish, crab fried rice, and vegan green curry, just to name some of the favorites. 


BARS - Dante, Fanelli's 


Both are great for a good dirty martini in downtown NYC. 

PIZZA: Scarr's, Prince Street Pizza, Joe's. 

If you go to NYC you have to eat Pizza - there are no questions asked. You just have to. 

 MUSEUMS - The MET, Guggenheim

If you are looking to escape the rain or just want a quiet, relaxing day in a museum two musts are The MET and Guggenheim. Not only is the art beautiful, but the building themselves are iconic landmarks in the city. 


Everyone's skin is in a changing period transitioning from the warm summer weather to the colder, drier weather, so our main focus to to keep your skin hydrated. We recommend the following brands and products, who are also from NYC: 

LESSE Refining Cleanser this is the perfect exfoliating cleanser to prep the skin to get optimal absorption for products to follow to maintain the best hydration possible.


Superegg Sound Renewal Serum Cream is Kate's absolute favorite. It's light enough but super hydrating. 

Alder New York Hydrating Oil is perfect to apply after your moisturizer if you need an extra boost of hydration. 

Grown Alchemist Body Cream is great post shower moisturizer for your body to keep everywhere else nice and hydrated. 


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