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The Dry Shampoo


You’re reaching the end of your work day and are feeling a little dull. Time for a pick-me-up. You grab The Dry Shampoo and flip your hair over. Using its fluffy brush, you dab the fine powder into your roots where it needs it. Throw your head back. Now your hair looks, smells—even feels amazing. And so do you.

Subtly targeted, The Dry Shampoo is like nothing you’ve used before. It gently absorbs oils and enriches the scalp, leaving your hair voluminous, silky soft, and clean-feeling. Persimmon is a natural deodorizer, so your hair smells as good as (better than?) it does on wash day.

The Dry Shampoo adds subtle volume too—without the grit of traditional aerosol products—so you can use it in lieu of shampoo, or to combat lankiness on the day-to-day. Finished with our signature fragrance: a cool, light scent combination of bergamot, yuzu, and lemongrass.

Dip brush into powder lightly and apply directly to your roots. Use fingers to further distribute product and repeat as necessary until desired look and feel are achieved.

Tapioca Starch Infused with a tapioca starch, a natural, non-talc substance that absorbs oils and enriches your scalp.

Persimmon Powder Made with persimmon powder, a natural deodorizer that leaves your hair smelling as clean as on wash day, and refreshes the way your hair feels overall."

Bergamot, yuzu, lemongrass

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