Departures Series - Meet The Founder: Erica Choi

Welcome back to another Meet the Founders series, where we highlight some of our incredible founders. 

This first series is in honor of International Woman's Month and the launch of THE WINGWOMAN. 

Today, please meet Erica Choi, Founder of Superegg. Vegan Skincare — Balancing botanicals and biotechnology for a mindful approach to beauty. Be a good egg. 

Yes, we should all be good eggs, shall we? 

Let's meet Erica! 


Name: Erica Choi

Position: Founder 

Company: Superegg

Location: New York City

100mL:  What inspired you to start your business?

EC: When I reflect on my journey, I realize that my corporate career was an important stepping stone toward my ultimate goal of creating a brand that reflects my passion for beauty and empowerment. However, I always knew deep down that there was something more I wanted to pursue, and my entrepreneurial spirit has been a driving force in my life. Through my parallel careers as a design director and content creator, I have had the privilege of collaborating with top brands in the fashion, lifestyle, and beauty industries. These experiences have inspired me to develop a brand that is not only unique and thoughtful but also centers around balance and well-being.


In creating Superegg, my goal was to offer sophisticated, high-performance, and sensorial formulations that promote skin health and radiance. While external beauty is important, our products also aim to promote self-care and nourish the inner self. Each time someone uses our products, we want them to feel like they are engaging in a ritual of self-love and care. Above all, my journey has taught me that pursuing my passion and taking risks has been the key to my success. Through Superegg, I hope to inspire others to prioritize their own self-care and well-being, follow their dreams, and feel beautiful both inside and out.

100mL:  Which female figure in your life has inspired you?

EC: Throughout my life, the pivotal female figure has undeniably been my mother. She has consistently championed my life aspirations and objectives. As first-generation immigrants in this country, my parents have bestowed upon me a form of tough love that, rather than hindering, has equipped me with the skills and resilience to persevere through challenges and work diligently towards my goals.

100mL:  What does being a female founder mean to you?

EC: Being a female founder entails the privilege of serving as a mentor and role model for those who seek guidance. It provides the opportunity to challenge gender stereotypes and surpass societal expectations in the entrepreneurial realm. Leading with a blend of empathy, strength, resilience, and humility is not just beneficial but increasingly crucial in today's landscape. The ability to offer a unique perspective contributes to fostering creativity and innovation. In essence, the significance of being a female founder is deeply rooted in individual empowerment, a commitment to instigating change, and the chance to contribute to a more inclusive world.


100mL: What has been a high and a low in your career?

EC: The highlight of my career lies in the capacity to empower others, fostering a sense of beauty and confidence, and spreading joy—regardless of my position. Conversely, the most notable challenge has been navigating the complexities of the business world, grappling with the extensive learning curve it entails.


100mL:  What is the one trait you think as a female founder needs to have?

EC: A female founder should have grace, showing kindness to herself and others.


100mL: What is your favorite product from your brand?

EC: Choosing a favorite feels like choosing a favorite child, but right now, I'm particularly fond of our Tonal Scenery Reparative Serum. This serum is ideal for my dry winter skin, offering a perfect balance of hydration and nourishment. Its lightweight formula, enriched with oil capsule technology, addresses various concerns like complexion brightness, dark spots, and fine lines in one go.


100mL: Where is your favorite destination?

EC: Seoul and Tokyo has been my favorite destinations the past few years! There's a constant buzz of activity, ranging from beauty and food to entertainment, and the experience keeps improving with each passing year.


100mL:  What is you one piece advice to the younger generations of women?

EC: I urge them to push forward with integrity and respect. Uplift one another. Trust in yourself and trust in others. Be smart with your time. Give it your all, and you will do amazing things.

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