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Planning a trip involves many steps, and while most people spend months preparing, they often leave packing until the last minute. Personally, I tend to wait until the week of my trip to get everything ready, from errands to personal grooming. One major inconvenience is having to go to multiple stores just to find my usual skincare products, often settling for alternatives that aren't what I'm used to. This means spending an entire day running around the city trying to complete all these pre-trip tasks. As time went on, I found myself ordering skincare products directly to my hotel but questioned why we should sacrifice our time and settle for subpar products when we shouldn't have to.Pinterest


That's where 100mL comes in - a solution for those of us who are busy, dislike running errands, and refuse to settle for anything less than our preferred products. We have carefully curated a selection of top-notch skincare and wellness items all in one place that can be shipped directly wherever you are going. No more rushing to the nearest drugstore or visiting multiple stores just for your routine. Our goal is simple: your routines should never suffer and neither should you!

100mL pouch

We aim to cater not only those who want to maintain their existing skincare routine while traveling but also those who are newbies looking into building one. We believe that travel should be enjoyable and make you feel like you're flying first class even if you're in economy. With over 80 products from our favorite brands available - including skincare, body care, hair care, dental hygiene, , wellness, - you can pick and choose exactly what you need.

To make things even more convenient during your travels, we have curated different pouches designed for specific needs. For example: Airplane Mode keeps you hydrated during flights so that you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed; Drugstore Essentials includes must-have items typically found in drugstores; The Detox focuses on hair care so that your locks stay healthy and shiny throughout your journey, and 6 other curated pouches. 

100mL Detox Pouch

At 100mL, we strive hard so everyone can feel incredible while on the go! Welcome aboard! Now it's time for you to book your trip with peace of mind knowing that 100mL has got all aspects of your routine covered no matter where life takes you. 

Safe travels!

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